Advanced Nutrients Starter Kit

Basis Dünger für Wachstum und Blüte sowie die folgenden Spezialprodukte:

  • Big Bud®: the industry’s best-selling bloom booster proven to raise bud weight and trusted by top growers in 115 countries
  • Voodoo Juice®: Put the power of beneficial microbes to work for a more robust root system, resulting in large, high-quality yields
  • Bud Candy®: your secret weapon for huge, flavorful, sugar-coated flowers
  • Overdrive®: a unique formulation that maintains floral development through the last few weeks of bloom phase (when most plants slow down!)
  • B-52®: your best defense against abiotic stresses for thriving, vigorous crops
  • Bonus Products: The European Starter Kit also contains a trichome magnifier, measuring cup, feed chart, and two 10mL pipettes, so you’re fully prepared to get the most from your crops!
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